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Our Package is called Be The Best You Can Be: The Mad Bastards Guide. It is intended to provide support and structure for facilitators who want to use the Mad Bastards film in their community. It provides a strong and safe framework to facilitate discussion around the themes of the film.

The Guide consists of discussion questions, character photographs, quotes from the movie and a list of key points essential to each theme. As well as a DVD of the entire film, the package also includes a series of short edited clips from the film which relate to each theme.

The six core themes are:

  • Deciding to Change
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Relationships
  • Identity
  • Transformation
  • Staying Strong

Our Community Outreach Program explores one theme per week/meeting … so the entire program runs for an eight week duration – the group exploring one theme per week with an introduction and concluding session.  The package also affords a degree of flexibility so that groups can utilise it in the best way for their mob.

We also work with organisations who already have programs up and running, and can customise our program to suit any pre-existing structure. We also provide facilitator training for those wishing to run the program with their own staff.

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